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Name: Jack / "Jack the Ripper" / "White Devil" / Raiden.

Birthday: ???
Age: uhh let's go with 21 so he can be an alcoholic :D
Height: . . . 5'10"? Looks like Snake's got 3 inches on him or so.
Weight: uhh ~160 lbs
Eyes: gray
Hair: very pale blond/silver
Medical Info: Uhh idk very healthy, is a secret agent so he's built and sexy and stuff. Is normal. FOR NOW!!

Physical Traits: Is the symbol of all young and pretty bishounen protagonists everywhere, thus has flowing bishie hair and a pretty face. Wears a Skull Suit, which is like the Sneaking Suit but more ribcagey and no ass harness. He's got tattoos everywhere which are all numbers, barcodes, and bars.

What's Okay to Mention Around Him/Her: ANYTHING 8D 8D Go wild, audience can pretend to be the Patriots, or Rose, whatever |D TELL HIM THE TRUTH OR FILL HIS HEAD WITH LIES, IT'S ALL GOOD. RAIDEN IS THE ULTIMATE PUNCHING BAG.

Abilities: Fourthwall meta strength as all MGS characters have! In camp Raiden's best weapons would be the cardboard box (invisibility) and the M9 (can tranquilize all enemies/bosses no matter how tough they are, because they'll have a tranq meter). He also has a full arsenal of weaponry and, by canon and meta ruling, is an agent on par with Solid Snake... plus cartwheels. If only he wasn't so crazy.

Notes for the Psychics: THIS KID IS FUCKED UP. He was a child soldier in the Liberian Civil War and if you ever google that, you will come away from it depressed. They PUT GUNPOWDER IN THE FOOD TO KEEP HIM DRUGGED AND CONTROLLABLE!!!1, and his adoptive dad (whom he killed) killed his parents and rigged him to grow up a killer and, probably the worst crime of all, was Solidus Snake. He has major existential and control issues stemming from being told by an all-controlling AI that society is being controlled, and he was part of a simulation. He looooves his girlfriend Rose and is gonna be a father soon, but that is POSSIBLY NOT REAL so there's a lot of twisted up feelings there. Is headed for PTSD, depression, and alcoholism :Db OH AND most importantly, Solid Snake is the single constant in his life that he ABSOLUTELY believes in and looks up to, and his current mission is to rescue Olga's daughter from the Patriots. Messing in Raiden's mind might just crack your own fourth wall, he's had so much experience bashing into his own.

So... mentality is sort of a "I am living for myself!1/ROOOOOSE/does Rose even exist :(/must rescue child/must be awesome for Snake/I need a drink."

Also if you hold R1 you hear positive thoughts, R2 you hear negative thoughts.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/slap/spit on?: Yes!

Maim/Murder/Death: Yes! Though all deaths will be meta game overs; Raiden will never actually die.

Kissing/Hugging: . . . awkwarrrrd I have a girlfriend (I think) and my soul is empty like my room but yes!

Cooking: . . .Well Rose can't cook at all. He has to survive somehow. He probably learned in self-defense.
This is Raiden. I've made it through the barrier. The application data was well-received by security.


Character Name: Raiden
Series: Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Age: Unknown / ~20 / "still green"

Canon: A government agent of the digital age raised on Virtual Reality training, Raiden must go alone on a mission to wipe out a terrorist threat, defeat Metal Gear, and save the U.S. president. There are five lies in that sentence, and we haven't even talked about his crazy girlfriend yet!

But seriously, it's hard to be the main character of Metal Gear
Solid when your codename is Raiden. Raiden is the girly, sassy new-generation replacement for the badass Solid Snake, and as such he must be punished from every meta angle. During his mission, Raiden faces many challenges his VR training didn't prepare him for: slipping on bird poo, getting peed on by guards, gropings from the president, running around naked in a very cold base, and daytime infiltration. He gets nagged at by his girlfriend every time he wants to save his game. When he bitches about being lied to - which is often - he gets told to shut the hell up and do as he's told. And when he finally DOES get in the loop, he's rewarded with a mind-and-body thrashing so thorough that he's a cyborg ninja by MGS4. Ouch.

Raiden's a good kid, really. By the end of that mission he's a damn good agent, his relationship with his mentor-figure Snake resembles an excited puppy trying to impress a grizzled St. Bernard, and he appreciates hiding in a good cardboard box as a stealth technique. But as he slowly learned his girlfriend, his mission leader, and the mission itself were all lies, the true purpose of MGS2 became clear: fucking with Raiden's head. And yours! And the best way to explain how THAT works would be for you to stop reading this canon section. Immediately. You heard me - this application is a failure. That's an order: Turn the computer off, right now!

Sample Post:

This is Raiden. I've arrived at the rendezvous point. Somehow. Launching me "a little off course" from the plane and saying "Oops" before cutting off transmission wasn't exactly helpful. And for the record, this place looks nothing like a terrorist camp, let alone one capable of producing Metal Gears or launching a nuclear strike. Nearly everyone here is a civilian, and they don't look like they're being held hostage at all. I guess it would've been too much trouble to tell me this could be the case.

Not that anyone is listening to this. Tchh. . . I was supposed to receive the specifics of the camp's layout upon arrival, and they warned me I might experience a little noise during transmissions. But all my codec frequencies are nothing but noise. Perfect. Timing. It's like a total dead zone, which should be impossible in this day and age.

Which means. . . I could be on to something here. Could it be the work of the Patriots? That, or this is someone's serious dirty laundry. . . failed experiments of genetic engineering doesn't even begin to cover these freaks. My position was even compromised when someone. . . saw me hiding in a cardboard box. Is this the God Mode I was warned about? It's like. . . like some kind of bad dream. I've managed to avoid getting eaten by zombies, but they never covered daytime zombie outbreaks in VR training.

However. . . I'm proceeding with the mission. The entry data logged in campfuckuvote indicates Solid Snake's presence on the premises-- no, two Snakes. Not that it helps the chances of finding him. . . Infiltration of Camp Fuck You Die's magnetic neural repulsion barrier was unsuccessful. It's confirmed that the barrier is made with currently existing technology, but further analysis is impossible. The barrier has. . . done something to the action button. Triangle is no longer an option; assigning the action button's function to the keyboard will take some time. But that's not the only way in! If I can just patch into the net and upload this encrypted "application" data file, I can rendezvous with specialized team of insiders who will double-check the data to make sure it'll pass through security. After that, it's just a matter of getting past the system, and then access to the campgrounds is secured. Delivering the package. . . now.

. . .That's. . . .strange. It's been erased? But I need to input this data at 1800 hours to gain access to the field! Was the BETA team compromised?! I don't have time to rewrite it! But the countdown's already begun. . . damn it! Come on, Raiden, what would Snake do? I have to try! I can't fail the mission--

((Voting went here, 61-1))

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